Mating for "Health"

This is an article for beginners, who buy a dog for "themselves", decide to breed their child "for health”.

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The hand of a breeder ...

The hand of a breeder is the hand that calms the dog during childbirth ... It is the hand that caresses her belly to calm her during contractions ... A breeder’s hand is the hand that makes the path free to let the pups be born easier ... It is the hand that does not tremble and is under the blood to help a puppy in (...)

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Standard breed Labrador Retriever

Labrador is one of the most obedient and reliable dogs. Very clever, benevolent, easy to train. All over the world it is considered one of the most intelligent and gifted dogs. They have many professions: they are used for draft work, hunting, at customs they are looking for drugs and explosives, working on mountain, water, rescue services. (...)

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HAPPY PUPPY (translation from Finnish E.Tuchnina)

7-8 weeks Puppies at the age of 7-8 weeks are ready to move to a new house. At this age, the puppies basically form the standards of the idea of ​​the world, so they need to be given the opportunity to receive as much new experience as possible. For puppies, moving from a familiar environment of dogs to human society is a serious event. First, (...)

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All these measurements are approximate. Some dogs stop growing at 6 months, while others grow up to a year. Dogs are usually bigger than bitches. Therefore, the measurements of your dog do not necessarily have to be exactly the same as indicated in the table, which are sufficiently averaged. We hope that the given indicators of growth, weight (...)

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Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular breeds. Initially, the labrador breed was bred as a working, hunting dog, so labradors are very often used as girlfriend dogs, guide dogs, rescue dogs. The breed takes its start on about. Newfoundland on the east coast of Canada. There are three versions of the origin of the name of the Labrador (...)

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