Mating for "Health"

This is an article for beginners, who buy a dog for "themselves", decide to breed their child "for health”.

This is an article for beginners, who buy a dog for "themselves", decide to breed their child "for health”.
Loud barking and smell of newborn Labrador puppies in my house inspired me to write this article.This is the most wonderful and fun time. However, behind all these fluffy balls, lies the titanic work of the breeder. And the conversation today will go not even about the breeder, but about that very “happy” mother.
I often hear people saying that it is necessary to mate because it brings health to your beloved girl. Is it actually true?!
Suppose, you decided to mate your one and only girl. Well, believably there is a perception that childbirth adds health to a dog, and without that, she will definitely be sick.
Yes, indeed, nature rewarded the female organism to be the successor of the race, whether it be the human or animal world. Going deep into the history of the universe, in the wild, once a year the female gives birth.
However, only the most powerful animals get to fertile age, since there are no doctors in wildlife. As a result, from all puppies only strongest will survive. I’m trying to say that because of the domestication the physiologically dogs change. Not only the strongest and most healthy animals survive. In essence, there is no natural selection.

For the sake of interest, everyone who wants to mate for health, look at least once at the female dog after she fed the puppies. Believe me, this is not the most joyful scene. Your loved girl has lost the luxurious fur coat that you love so much, she is tired, thin with sad eyes in which you can see the request for help. She wants you to save her from those little cheerful puppies because they already have sharp teeth and claws. Therefore, feeding is no longer a pleasure. This is a description of your pet when everything is fine.

Now, let’s see what happens when there is no natural selection.
Suppose something went wrong. The girl does not have before childbirth activity, or the puppy is too large, or puppy is laying incorrectly. In such cases, a dog should immediately be taken to the vet clinic or call a vet that you trust. As a result, everything goes let’s say not as sweet as we would like. Dead puppies, caesarian !!! You still want to mate for health? Then let me continue with other possible options. At the operation, it turns out that all puppies died a long time ago and infection started or overdose with anesthesia. Death!!!
And if it goes with a negative scenario, then we have to replace the mom for the kids. Which means feeding them every two hours from a bottle, warming puppies and help them to defecate. Yes, puppies at this age don’t know how to take care of themselves, even how to pie. A month after birth, we leave the house with bruises under the eyes after sleepless nights. Moreover, is not that easy to sell puppies. In despair, some people are trying to sell them to dealers, where the puppies are most likely waiting for the same outcome as their mother.

So answer me one question, was it necessary to mate your dog or did it add her health?! Of course, I described the worst and most unfavorable situation. And not always everything is so depressing. Nevertheless, more often we hear puppyish happy barking.
But!!! Such stories are not uncommon. And, believe me, as a breeder, every time I worry and fear for my girls. I think that if an animal does not have any breeding value it is not worth the risks. So you don’t cry after that.
I apologize in advance for such a negative example.
And I wish you health and happiness with your darling.
Your Child of Sunrise
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